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Social Media Design and Strategy

Social Media - Design and Strategy

Social media has become the number one activity on the web. Is your business making the most of social media? Do you want to join the social media revolution?

Social media covers everything from Facebook and Twitter to forums, but it’s the ‘social’ part that’s the important bit – how to use the latest social media tools and applications to connect and engage with your potential client base.

Social media is a great tool to complement your overall online strategy if used right. Poor use of social media, due to lack of any form of Social Media Strategy, will result in mixed messages given in an inconsistent way with very poor untargeted and often costly results.

Increasingly, visitors will come to your organisation via social media rather than directly to your website as they believe they will get a better feel for the people behind the business, and discover what other people are saying about you. Many businesses ignore social media marketing, but SuppleWeb believe it's vitally important and will develop a cost-effective strategy that will get you noticed, engaging with customers and developing brand awareness.

Our Social media services:
  • Facebook and Twitter Account Set up
  • Brand Design and strategy for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Twitter Marketing and Facebook marketing
  • Social Media integration with your website
  • Social media management - we'll run your social media channels on your behalf
  • Social media training

We will keep it simple and provide advice on the best digital platforms for you, create a bespoke social media strategy and take away the hassle of creating engaging content for your customers.

Whether you want Facebook fans or Twitter followers, we will help you build your online community and brand reputation.

Please contact us on 01738 570007 to discuss all aspects of Social Media and how you can benefit from it.

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