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Domain and Hosting

Domain and Hosting


A website domain is quite simply the web address of your business website. i.e.

The domain name is a unique name that identifies a website. Each website has it's own domain name that serves as an address, which is used by search engines to find a website.

Whenever you visit a website, the domain name appears in the address bar of the web browser. All domain names have a domain suffix, such as, .com, .net, or .org. The domain suffix helps identify the type of website the domain name represents. For example, ".com" domain names are typically used by commercial website, while ".org" websites are often used by non-profit organizations. Some domain names end with a country code, such as "" (UK) or ".fr" (France), which helps identify the location and audience of the website.

The importance of choosing the right Domain name for your Website

Domains can have an influence on how far up your website appears within the search engines, so choosing the right domain for your business is an important decision. It is recommended that your domain name reflects your company name or even what you actually do and where you do it such as www.mybusinessinperth.* and then you need to decide the end part or suffix of your domain, the most popular being, .com, .net and so on.

We will help you choose the best available Domain Name for your website.

Please call us now on 01738 570007 for advice or to register a domain name.



Website Hosting is the place, typically on a server, where a website lives. This server space is where you store all the text, script, images, videos and other information that help create your website.

Suppleweb are web hosting providers. Our website hosting is built on a cloud platform and is user-friendly enough for beginners yet powerful enough for seasoned developers and businesses. Perfect if you are looking for easy to use, reliable and super-fast web hosting at an amazing price.

Website hosting and email hosting features:

  • Webspace: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: 50,000 MB/Month
  • Subdomains: Unlimited
  • Additional FTP Accounts: Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases: Unlimited
  • Email Forwarding: Unlimited
  • Email Autoresponders: Unlimited
  • Email Distribution Lists: Unlimited
  • Mailboxes: Unlimited

Website Domain and Hosting Support

SuppleWeb offer domain registration and website hosting that is value for money. We provide one to one help and training when required to get the most out of your domain and hosting service.

Not only will we host your website, we will manage all day-to-day maintenance that may occur, including database management, email administration, and monitoring the site for broken links.

For all website domain and hosting enquiries please call us on 01738 570007.

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