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IT Support

Slow Computer Problems

Over time all computers get slower, sometimes to the point that the PC is unusable. You wouldn't drive your car around if it was running slowly or not starting up every time you tried to use it. Don't struggle on with your slow computer, get it serviced and bring it back to life.

Common reasons a computer may be running slowly:

  • Viruses or Malware
  • A build up of Temporary files
  • Hardware failures
  • Unnecessary Start-up files
  • Redundant Programs
  • Registry Errors and Clutter
  • Fragmented Files on Hard Drive
  • Corrupted Profile
  • Obsolete Hardware Drivers

... all of which we check for and fix as required during a PC Service.

Give your PC a Service

Don't put up with your computer running slowly any more - Call us on 01738 570007 to book your computer in for a service now.

We can usually service your PC within 48 hours and we offer a pickup and delivery service.

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